DBALP006X: rRoxymore

rRoxymore – Forward Flamingo

DBALP006X, 02/10/2020

Originally appearing on album ‘Face To Phase’, released by DBA in 2019,  rRoxymore’s ‘Forward Flamingo’ is radically reworked by a number of talents from the Berlin based artist’s extended musical universe, alongside a kaleidoscopic video from Future Forward.

On the original cut of ‘Forward Flamingo’, presented once again as the first track on this EP, rRoxymore illustrates perfectly her reputation as an artist seamlessly able to move between the functions of the dancefloor and the esoteric nature of her production style. Initially broadly inspired by the work and texture of Arthur Russell, the track lands in the arms of a roster of producers and friends with utterly contrasting but always idiosyncratic approaches.

Joe adds to his perfectly formed discography with another precision-tooled trip of beat science, magnifying the detail of the original track under a rhythmic microscope. A versatile icon of UK underground dance culture, Altered Natives turns in a ghostly and atmospheric trip of a remix, making hugely creative use of the track’s yearning vocals and suddenly haunting keys.

Offering a perspective from Sao Paulo, BADSISTA blends acid house and baile funk influences for an unexpected and hugely creative take. DJ Plead only cements his ever-growing reputation as a master of rhythm, engineering a wild-and-focused web of percussion that pays off with a quiet but assured intensity. Formerly known as Petit Piment, Parisian-based Banga offers further insight into her diverse influences with a subtle, afro-funk (afro meets baile funk) creeper, spring-loaded with a crackling digital bassline.

Future Forward is the moniker of José Ramón Sahagún, whose accompanying music video takes inspiration from the record’s original artwork, courtesy of Max Ammo, a frequent collaborator of rRoxymore and currently living in the unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples, Future Forward animates Ammo’s colourful vision into a cavalcade of subtly psychedelic nature, consciously fusing the liquid and the physical with audio and visual means.


1 Forward Flamingo
2 Forward Flamingo (Joe Remix)
3 Forward Flamingo (Altered Natives Remix)
4 Forward Flamingo (Badsista Remix)
5 Forward Flamingo (DJ Plead Remix)
6 Forward Flamingo (Banga Remix)