DBALP005X: Neville Watson

Neville Watson – The Midnight Orchard (Epilogue)

DBALP005x, 06/12/2019

In late 2018 Neville Watson released The Midnight Orchard, the follow-up LP to 2013’s Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts LP. Moving away from his trademark acid house sound towards more wistful, sombre hues, the LP gained critical acclaim for embracing a subtly unique take on the UK house and techno sound.

Fast forward a few months after the release and four demos appear on the label’s desk which were never considered for the original LP. The tracks are unmistakably cut from the same cloth Watson used to create The Midnight Orchard, but they cast an even more idiosyncratic, aloof shadow. To celebrate a year’s passing since the LP’s release here are those tracks, salvaged from the cutting room floor, another piece in the puzzle of one of the decade’s most enthralling techno albums.


A1 Force Signal
A2 Earthbound
B1 The Calling
B2 Photosynesthesia