DBA1001, 20/11/2020

The first in a pair of compilations bookending DBA’s ten year celebrations, 10.01 collects new works from the roster of celebrated underground electronic label, featuring artists including rRoxymore, Karen Gwyer and Mr. Beatnick sitting alongside transmissions from talent orbiting the London label’s ever-evolving template, including Lurka and Kamau (the artist formerly known as Darling Farah). Reflecting an ever-shifting sonic continuum,10.1 merges current techno, house and bass informed styles through distinct musical lenses, connected only by excellence and the willingness to experiment that’s been implicit in DBA’s namesake for over a decade.

Immediately underscoring that sense of exploration, rRoxymore opens the compilation with ‘Lost In Synth’, continuing the Berlin-based artist’s streak of finding the most unlikely grooves amid hyper-detailed productions, her first new work for the label since last year’s ‘Face To Phase’ LP. Tyler Dancer follows up with ‘Silver Linings’, masterfully coupling wide-eyed and gentle swells with a serious electro, and Manchester favourite Kerrie flexes her production muscles on dancefloor destroyer ‘At Your Peril.’ Kamau impresses with ‘Attribute’; formerly known as Darling Farah, his second outing for DBA dreamily melts tough organ chords into a heavy house shuffle, General Ludd regroup to offer a more direct, vintage rave bullet built from similarly offbeat sensibilities, and Birmingham’s Jayson Wynters captures both ethereal and ecstatic energies.

A Midwest fixture and record store connoisseur, MGUN returns to the label with another dense and charismatic analogue jam, the hugely creative spillover of his improvisation captured in raw and rare form. Brassfoot’s contribution pairs lo-slung drums and strangled rave samples emerging from a creeping sonic fog at their own strange pace whilst Lurka turns the screws at his own pace, rolling out serious club pressure alongside air pockets of pleasure.

Karen Gwyer reliably maintains this sense of psychedelia throughout her contribution, teasing at wormholes of resistance just beyond her Detroit influences and spinning heads with gloriously off-kilter drums, and to conclude London scene mainstay and NTS Radio regular, Mr. Beatnick pours his vast influences and studio nous into an unwieldy but floor-focused jam, paying tribute to decades of nocturnal catharsis.


1 rRoxymore – Lost In Synth

2 Tyler Dancer – Silver Linings

3 Kerrie – At Your Peril

4 Kamau – Attribute

5 General Ludd – Stentor Polymorphus

6 M Gun – Fumigation

7 Jayson Wynters – Moving Targets

8 Brassfoot – Brundlefly

9 Lurka – Clean

10 Karen Gwyer – Bloc De Salmonniac

11 Mr. Beatnick – In Carcosa