DBA044: Minos

Minos – Sorry I’m Late EP

DBA044, 31/01/2020

Dublin’s Minos makes his debut on DBA with a rich spread of rollers covering the techno and electro diaspora backed by a Claude Young remix. His influences are techno, IDM and metal, from Downwards to Jeff Mills and Drexciya via Slayer. Originally from a live music background, he was converted to techno after hearing Mills play at the now sadly defunct Twisted Pepper in Dublin, and the Sorry I’m Late EP will leaves little doubt that it’s Detroit’s own brand of high energy, sci-fi sounding techno that inspires his work.

Minos has steadily been making moves in Dublin’s fertile underground scene for the past few years as both a DJ and producer. He first released music as Urizen on BRW Records and is a part of Dublin collective wherethetimegoes with a number of other local artists. Never one for sticking to the same method, his production setup utilises both analogue gear and software to create music that continues to build on techno’s history while looking to the future.

Detroit’s Claude Young Jr. is universally acknowledged as one of the most respected producers and DJs to come from the home of techno. His legend status is assured through his iconic studio mixes, ‘Thoughts Of Phutura’ (the only official mix compilation released on Jeff Mills’ Axis Records) and the 1996 DJ-Kicks mix for !K7.


A1 Brown Sauce
A2 Coaxial Drive
A3 Mammoth
B1 They’re Here
B2 Aquaplaning
B3 Brown Sauce (Claude Young Remix)