DBA039.5: Various Artists

Various Artists – DBA039.5

DBA039.5, 07/09/2018

DBA’s .5 series returns with another timely set of beats aimed squarely at the dance floor.

General Ludd, fresh from the success of their recent outing on Rubadub, set the tone with Owl, a broken techno slammer guaranteed to form the apex of any set. Next up Herva makes a welcome return to DBA this time alongside Mass Prod, with Constructive Pessimism which mines a deft groove from start to finish offering maximum potential to escort revellers politely into outer space.

On the flipside Eotrax alumna and Berlin luminary Nene H comes correct with гетто which starts hard and ends harder, one for the hard dance revisionists but formed of razor sharp, carefully honed production chops. Finally London hero Altered Natives supplies what can only be described as an anthem in the making with Dancing Girl, which has featured already in the sets of DJs like rRoxymore throughout the summer.


A1 General Ludd – Owl
A2 Herva & Mass Prod – Constructive Pessimism
B1 Nene H – гетто
B2 Altered Natives – Dancing Girl