DBA034: Tyler Dancer

Tyler Dancer – Resisting In The Darkness EP

DBA034, 20/10/2017

Fresh from collaborating with Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir on their remix of Funkadelic for the ‘Reworked By Detroiters’ LP, Tyler Dancer makes his full solo debut for Don’t Be Afraid. ‘Resisting In The Darkness’ sees the arrival of a major new talent from America’s Midwest and the first outing for a unique new voice in techno. Counting Shake, Legowelt, Marty Bonds and Jay Denham amongst those who have contributed to his progress from bedroom producer to recording artist, Tyler Dancer brings a deep feeling for the history and technique inherent in the music of Detroit and Chicago to his productions.

Tyler Dancer is a DJ, producer, and musician hailing from Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 2014 he made the acquaintance of Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN (DBA/Wild Oats) who inspired Dancer to begin sharing his love for electronic music live and publicly under the duo’s collaborative guise, ‘Club Creeps’. They made their debut during the 2016 Movement Festival and continue to play live sets to this day. DBA head Semtek was present at that first performance, leading to Dancer sharing his solo work with him for eventually became his first public release on any platform, ‘Resisting in the Darkness’.

Track List:
A1 Hercolobus
B1 Mindgrinder
B2 Bloob

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