DBA Podcast 013 – Andy Mac

DBA Podcast 013 – Andy Mac


Andy Mac is a DJ / producer / label owner & occasional promoter, operating from an isolated bunker in the deepest South-West of Cornwall. His varied, yet always recognizable music has been released on labels such as Trilogy Tapes, Idle Hands, Zam Zam, No Corner,  & his own imprints, Deep Street and Stone King. Over the years Andy has collaborated with like minds such Ossia, Pev and partner Catrina Davies, weaving together strands of house, techno, dub, experimental electronics, sound collages & field recordings.

He can be often be found spinning records alongside long time collaborator and Deep Street co-owner Jay L at their long-running FallingUp party in Bristol. Andy also holds down two regular radio shows, on Noods Radio Bristol and Mutant Radio Tbilisi, where he plays a wide range of music often veering into the deeply lo-fi and abstract end of the spectrum, a world away from his club selections.

The mix moves from menacing guitars and dub electronics to abstract rhythms and classical house hypnosis, deep, driving, psychedelic sounds for your 5am second wind.

Track List:

Sorry friend, not this time…