DBA Podcast 010 – Nick Craddock

DBA Podcast 010 – Nick Craddock


For our final mix of the year we tapped up one of our earliest residents, Nick Craddock. Since moving to London in the noughties Nick has been a permanent fixture on the underground techno scene. Before featuring at the DBA parties he was a long-standing resident for Süd Electronic, the night run by Lakuti which introduced London to so many European and American selectors who have since become heroes in their own right. Never swayed by fashion but always up to date in his tastes, Nick went on to play alongside DJs like Tama Sumo and Marco Shuttle in London and further afield, guesting at the legendary Timedance parties and in Berlin at Farbfernseher along the way. In 2017 he moved to Lisbon where he has become involved in the underground scene alongside DJs like Photonz and Violet.

Here’s what he had to say about the mix he has prepared for us:

“My take on the mix itself is that it’s an uptempo and slightly off-centre selection. Recorded on Halloween I was consciously avoiding straight up happy vibes and trying to go for something a bit more leftfield but still with a lot of momentum. It felt seasonal to me at the time as it was a bit of a rejection of the more overtly ‘summertime’ tracks that I’d been playing for the last several months.”

Track List:

Kanyon ‘Number One’ (Towhead Recordings)
Dynamo Dreesen ‘From This Era’ (Mother’s Finest)
E-Unity ‘Bob Laser’ (Peach Discs)
Draveng ‘Isogamous Skoliosapien’ (FTP)
DJ Plead ‘Going For It’ (Livity Sound)
Bambounou ‘Hale’ (AD 93)
Dark Comedy ‘Clavia’s North’ (Art Of Dance)
$tinkworx ‘New Tokyo’ (Acido)
Sepehr ‘Izadi’ (Klakson)
Human Space Machine ‘DGTR8S’ (De Lichting)
Trance Remix ‘Cybergenics’ (Brokntoys)
Josi Devil ‘Misnakes’ (Scotch Bonnet)
Lårry ‘Prince Moth Mothy Moth Moth’ (Fusion Diagnostics)
Cristian Vogel ‘Understory’ (EPM Music)
Museum ‘Dulong’ (TAPE Records)
Personable ‘Necking’ (Opal Tapes)
Roza Roza ‘- ———‘ (Lobster Theremin)
Kapé I’llmusier ‘Gaspar’ (A13)