DBA Podcast 009 – M GUN

DBA Podcast 009 – M GUN


Manuel Gonzales aka M Gun first came on our radar in 2012 after a release on Kyle Hall’s label Wild Oats. By chance his soundcloud already sported a number of lps worth of material which was just sitting there. It made choosing the tracks for his first EP, The Upstairs Apt, an easy task.

It wasn’t long until he had amassed a trio of eps for the label and his first LP, entitled Gentium. We even hosted his debut gig in the UK, although it almost became his last after he missed his flight back thanks to some shithousery on our part and his family (big up Brittney, Lenny, Margie, Barry and the dogs, JD, Juan and the rest of the crew) briefly thought we were trying to kidnap him. We weren’t, as far as any of us can remember, but it was a long time ago.

Since then he recorded his second LP on the label, Axiom, and became a close friend of all of us here. He’s one of the most humble artists we have ever worked with which belies his enormous talent and may account for why he’s still up there in South West Detroit fighting the good fight and keeping roots techno alive.

Track List:

Sorry friend, not this time…