DBA vs No Symbols 04/05/18

DBA vs No Symbols

Corsica Studios, London, 04/05/18

This May Bank Holiday Don’t Be Afraid and No Symbols come together for a one-off soundclash at Corsica Studios.

D.I.E. headline the Don’t Be Afraid room alongside Scott Zacharias and Johanna Knutsson. D.I.E, also known as Cybonix, were prolific throughout the late 90s and early 00s on their own M.A.P. label and more recently on Rotterdam’s Clone. As a DJ Scott Zacharias is one of Detroit’s best-kept secrets. He is the co-founder of both Detroit’s Macho City and Disco/Secret with Mike Trombley, and the original resident of Oslo, while he also records with No Way Back’s BMG as The Fantasy. For his first set in the UK he will play for 3 hours in the DBA room. Producer and DJ Johanna Knutsson, who co-runs both the labels Zodiac 44 (with Luca Lozano) and UFO Station (with Hans Berg), completes the bill alongside DBA label head Semtek. No Symbols hosts room 2 with Nkisi, Yally and Beneath.

Detroit In Effect
Scott Zacharias (UK Debut, 3 Hour Set)
Johanna Knutsson