DBA Recommends: Siassia

DBA Recommends: Siassia & Tokobina

Recorded in Paris in the mid 80s, these four tracks spanning rumba, disco, new wave and reggae are the only surviving work of Congolese singer Albert Siassia and his group Tokobina. The tracks are a mixture of those which appeared on the group’s only commercial single and material from the archive of drummer Franck Banhamou. The story of Siassia and his group Tokobina (Lingala for “let’s dance”) is far from star-studded. After leaving for Paris with the Ballet Nationale du Congo in the early 80’s the singer’s attempts to forge a career in the music industry were unsuccessful and he eventually returned to Pointe Noire where he worked as an evangelical preacher, passing away sadly in 1999.

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