James Massiah is the spoken word artist, DJ and producer behind 2018's Euthanasia Party / 27 collection of poems. His DJ sets are freeform and dancefloor-friendly,
There’s a lot of tapes I wore out at the time but one has remained a constant in my mind: Dave Angel - Obsession.
Tasha is a DJ who has proven herself to be immune to the bullshit surrounding modern dance music. Her success has been hard-won: the Neighbourhood parties, which she started at much-missed East London venue Plastic People, were pivotal in bringing together key figures from the techno and bass scenes, an intersection which has defined the last ten years.
J. McFarlane is known in pop indie circles as a former member of Melbourne band Twerps. Her Reality Guest project picks up where she left off with another previous project though, Hot Topic, a trio comprising Ric Milovanovic and Violetta DelConte Race along with McFarlane.
10 years ago, Ian Loveday passed away at the age of 54. A vibrant, passionate artist, Loveday spent more than 20 years shaping modern underground dance music, producing many EPs that can be rightfully called classics of their era. Semtek asked me to pen something about my favourite Ian Loveday record to celebrate his life and work, and “Outside The Window” immediately sprung to mind.
The PANG! artwork doesn't give much away regarding its origins but a short trip around the Internet ends up on the discogs entry for OQKO, a Berlin label which is home to artists like Lvis Mejía, Lukas Grundmann, astvaldur and various others.
As half of Origin Unknown alongside Andy C and a member of the Ram Trilogy, Ant Miles was behind some of the best known and most fondly cherished tracks in the history of UK dance music. We had the rare opportunity to sit down with Ant and hear how, from starting out as a tape op in Romford, he went on to become a key player in the drum'n'bass scene which remains one of the UK's best loved musical cultures.
Robert Heel is one of a number of experimental artists operating on the bleeding edge of dance music. His Seldom Seen label describes itself as a 'private label', and it operates on the obscurist principles adopted by many diy labels in the experimental music world. His latest outing, In Between, features soaring ambient and drone first off, but flip the record over for a series of intermingled cuts reminiscent of artists like Felix K and Collect
Semtek asked me to write something about a piece of music that had really touched me through the years to help kick off a new series called On Record which chronicles artist’s experiences with their favourite music. I pined over it constantly for about a year until it dawned on me after a really good mix session. I decided to choose the mix that I feel changed my life for the better: DJ 3000’s Somewhere in Detroit (SID) mixtape.
Max D is a beatmaker who operates on the fringes. His style feels classic but almost impossible to place in today’s landscape. The same could be said of many mavericks who have emerged from the 202 area code which covers Washington DC and Maryland. We sat down with him to find out more about the roots of the city’s current music scene.