DBA042: Karen Gwyer

Karen Gwyer - Man On Mountain EP DBA042, 12/07/2019 Karen Gwyer returns to Don’t Be Afraid with her first new work since 2017's Rembo LP, which gained critical acclaim for its powerful body music and melancholic melody led pieces. Man On Mountain EP is a further evolvement of the duality and nuances in moods and [...] Read More »

DBA041: Tyler Dancer

Tyler Dancer - 62 Miles High EP DBA041, 01/03/2019 Following his 2017 solo debut EP, 'Resisting in the Darkness', Tyler Dancer takes a step toward the light in his follow up EP '62 Miles High'. Written in Hasselt, Belgium, '62 Miles High' shows Dancer drawing upon his Detroit and Midwest heritage to reveal another page [...] Read More »

DBALP005: Neville Watson

Neville Watson - The Midnight Orchard DBALP005, 30/11/2018 Neville Watson returns to DBA with The Midnight Orchard, his first full-length in five years. Watson is a key figure on the electronic music scene at large and has made regular appearances on Don’t Be Afraid, as well as on celebrated imprints such as Crème Organization, Clone [...] Read More »

DBA040: Brassfoot

Brassfoot - Indentured Servitude EP DBA040, 12/10/2018 Brassfoot makes his DBA debut following a number of appearances at the DBA Presents parties. Since breaking through with his Apron EP on Funkineven’s world-leading label in 2015, Brassfoot has turned heads with releases on UTTU, Paul Du Lac’s Bio Rhythm, and his own seminal NCA Recordings. On [...] Read More »

DBA039.5: Various Artists

Various Artists - DBA039.5 DBA039.5, 07/09/2018 DBA’s .5 series returns with another timely set of beats aimed squarely at the dance floor. General Ludd, fresh from the success of their recent outing on Rubadub, set the tone with Owl, a broken techno slammer guaranteed to form the apex of any set. Next up Herva makes [...] Read More »

DUB010: Wheelman

Wheelman - Signal DUB010, 10/08/2018 Glasgow’s Wheelman provides the tenth iteration of DBA’s Dubs 10" series, following a series of high profile releases on Huntleys & Palmers, Studio Barnhus, and his own Stereotone label. Signal is Wheelman’s most ambitious effort to date, its searing amen stabs and deep sub bass guaranteed to wreck any club, [...] Read More »

DBA039: Doubt

Doubt - Bad Plans EP DBA039, 06/07/2018 Following a standout appearance on DVS1’s Mistress label with his ‘Just Pain’ track, the man from Minneapolis, Doubt, returns to Don’t Be Afraid for the first time since 2014’s Poor Dog EP. In the interim he has continued to record on Disposable Commodities under the Doubt moniker, whilst [...] Read More »


MGUN - Axiom DBALP004, 01/06/2018 MGUN, or Manuel Gonzales to his friends, has long been a fixture artist for DBA. Since making his UK debut on the label in 2012, having already featured on Detroit’s celebrated Wild Oats imprint, he has smoothly yet slowly progressed through the presses of fellow dance music tastemakers Third Ear [...] Read More »

SS18 T-Shirts: On Sale Now

SS18 T-Shirts Now Available Available now in white and charcoal, printed on 100% cotton shirts T-shirts are back on the bandcamp in new colorways. Choose from fresh summer white with black design and an understated charcoal. For a tapered fit choose smaller sizes. Colorways: Black print on white shirt (100% cotton Gildan Ultra) Black print on charcoal [...] Read More »

DBA038: rRoxymore

rRoxymore - Thoughts of an Introvert Pt.2 DBA038, 04/05/2018 rRoxymore returns with the latest instalment in her Thoughts of an Introvert series. The first part, which hit stores in 2017, was born out of introspection and a yearning for solitude. Tracks like ‘Prodrome,’ which refers to symptoms indicating the early onset of an illness, seemed [...] Read More »