DBA Podcast 006 – Rroxymore

DBA Podcast 006 - Rroxymore 23/12/2019 rRoxymore debuted on DBA in 2016 with Organ Smith EP. The record immediately captured the imagination of DJs who were stuck between a rock and a hard place looking for fresh house music at a fairly stale time for the genre, whilst other talented, cutting edge producers focussed their [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 005 – Ikonika

DBA Podcast 005 - Ikonika 24/07/2019 Ikonika is a household name in the bass diaspora, known for juggling strands of UK urban music and soundsystem culture with house, techno and rap. It's a tough act to pull off and she does it with a unique panache. Ahead of dropping new music on DBA in 2020 [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 004 – Wheelman & Chester

DBA Podcast 004 - Wheelman & Chester 24/07/2019 For the fourth instalment of our recently anointed podcast series we are delighted to welcome Scotland's Wheelman and Chester to the fray. Wheelman debuted for DBA on the currently dormant DBA Dubs series which reached its tenth iteration last year with Wheelman's Signal single. Since then he [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 003 – Mr. Beatnick

DBA Podcast 003 - Mr. Beatnick 10/06/2019 Mr. Beatnick first appeared on DBA in 2011 with the Synthetes EP, a collection of three tracks and a remix from Scottish auteur Architeq which were arguably peerless at the time and remain so to this day. He followed Synthetes with 2012's Sun Goddess and 2013's Savannah, the [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 002 – Karen Gwyer

DBA Podcast 002 - Karen Gwyer 04/12/2018 Karen Gwyer's Rembo was one of the standout LPs of 2017 and since then she has undertaken a busy touring schedule, playing her stomping, hypnotic, thickly melodic, bass-laden, tumbling left-of-centre take on dance music to new audiences across the world. As an avid collector of music she has [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 001 – Semtek

DBA Podcast 001 - Semtek 21/02/2018 Semtek began the Don’t Be Afraid label in 2010 to house his own pristine vision of house and techno. Soon the label grew to encompass the work of other, similarly minded artists, including MGUN, The Room Below and Mr. Beatnick. Some years, and a generation of dance music later, [...] Read More »