DBA Podcast 014 – Fear-E

DBA Podcast 014 - Fear-E 28/06/2021 Fear-E has risen through the ranks of Glasgow's house scene to become one of its foremost representatives at home and abroad. He has recorded on a range of labels from native imprint DABJ to Dark Entries and Super Rhythm Trax. Later this year he makes his debut for DBA [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 013 – Andy Mac

DBA Podcast 013 - Andy Mac 02/05/2021 Andy Mac is a DJ / producer / label owner & occasional promoter, operating from an isolated bunker in the deepest South-West of Cornwall. His varied, yet always recognizable music has been released on labels such as Trilogy Tapes, Idle Hands, Zam Zam, No Corner,  & his own [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 012 – Scott Ferguson

DBA Podcast 012 - Scott Ferguson 18/02/2021 Scott Ferguson hails from Highland Park, Michigan but for some time now he has been based in London, and that’s where you’re most likely to have encountered him. For 20 years Scott has been running Ferris Park Recordings, a home for his own productions and for the occasional [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 011 – Minos

DBA Podcast 011 - Minos 02/02/2021 For our first podcast of the year we hand over to Dublin's Minos for an hour of bedroom techno from one of the genre's key players. Minos has steadily been making moves in Dublin’s fertile underground scene for some years now as both a DJ and producer. Known for [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 010 – Nick Craddock

DBA Podcast 010 - Nick Craddock 09/12/2020 For our final mix of the year we tapped up one of our earliest residents, Nick Craddock. Since moving to London in the noughties Nick has been a permanent fixture on the underground techno scene. Before featuring at the DBA parties he was a long-standing resident for Süd [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 009 – M GUN

DBA Podcast 009 - M GUN 13/10/2020 Manuel Gonzales aka M Gun first came on our radar in 2012 after a release on Kyle Hall’s label Wild Oats. By chance his soundcloud already sported a number of lps worth of material which was just sitting there. It made choosing the tracks for his first EP, [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 008 – Andy Hackney

DBA Podcast 008 - Andy Hackney 27/07/2020 While clubs and festivals have been locked off so far this year on account of the infamous Covid-19 pandemic the task has fallen to radio stations and online platforms to keep our scene alive. The effort on the part of the people who work at those stations, many [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 007 – TR-One

DBA Podcast 007 - TR-One 26/02/2020 Tr-One began life as a duo consisting of Eddie Reynolds and Dean Feeney, but Reynolds now operates solo after the latter decamped to Canada. Based in Carlow, Ireland, the Tr-One output has steadily gained a cult following amongst record collectors over the past few years, thanks to a fresh [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 006 – Rroxymore

DBA Podcast 006 - Rroxymore 23/12/2019 rRoxymore debuted on DBA in 2016 with Organ Smith EP. The record immediately captured the imagination of DJs who were stuck between a rock and a hard place looking for fresh house music at a fairly stale time for the genre, whilst other talented, cutting edge producers focussed their [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 005 – Ikonika

DBA Podcast 005 - Ikonika 24/07/2019 Ikonika is a household name in the bass diaspora, known for juggling strands of UK urban music and soundsystem culture with house, techno and rap. It's a tough act to pull off and she does it with a unique panache. Ahead of dropping new music on DBA in 2020 [...] Read More »