Ikonika – Bodies (Remixes)

DBA045X DBA045X, 05/03/2021 Ikonika’s boundary crushing Bodies EP gets the remix treatment a year after hitting the shelves. First up Sara delivers a storming VIP of What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About?, instant reload. One of those versions that just smacks from start to end. Huge. Second up is my favourite producer and DJ [...] Read More »


10.02 DBA1002, 04/12/2020 Don’t Be Afraid return with the second chapter in a double compilation celebrating ten years at the cutting edge of electronic music in the UK and beyond. Following contributions from rRoxymore, Karen Gwyer and Mr. Beatnick, DBA 10.02 delves deeper still into a fertile underground, furthering connecting the sense of musical curiosity [...] Read More »


10.01 DBA1001, 20/11/2020 The first in a pair of compilations bookending DBA’s ten year celebrations, 10.01 collects new works from the roster of celebrated underground electronic label, featuring artists including rRoxymore, Karen Gwyer and Mr. Beatnick sitting alongside transmissions from talent orbiting the London label’s ever-evolving template, including Lurka and Kamau (the artist formerly known [...] Read More »

DBALP006X: rRoxymore

rRoxymore - Forward Flamingo DBALP006X, 02/10/2020 Originally appearing on album ‘Face To Phase’, released by DBA in 2019,  rRoxymore’s ‘Forward Flamingo’ is radically reworked by a number of talents from the Berlin based artist’s extended musical universe, alongside a kaleidoscopic video from Future Forward. On the original cut of ‘Forward Flamingo’, presented once again as [...] Read More »

DBA045: Ikonika

Ikonika - Bodies EP DBA045, 17/04/2020 “What do you do when the body has been through trauma? What do you do with a new body? How do you drive it? I want to reconnect my mind to the body. I don’t know whose body this is anymore. How do I rebuild my physical strength when [...] Read More »

Ten Years of DBA: 07/02/20

Ten Years of DBA In 2020 Don't Be Afraid Recordings celebrates its tenth anniversary, a huge milestone for a label which has been ever present in underground music throughout the last decade. Founded in 2010, Don’t Be Afraid has organically evolved from its humble beginnings to become a vital and consistent outpost for underground techno, [...] Read More »

DBA044: Minos

Minos - Sorry I'm Late EP DBA044, 31/01/2020 Dublin’s Minos makes his debut on DBA with a rich spread of rollers covering the techno and electro diaspora backed by a Claude Young remix. His influences are techno, IDM and metal, from Downwards to Jeff Mills and Drexciya via Slayer. Originally from a live music background, [...] Read More »

DBALP005X: Neville Watson

Neville Watson - The Midnight Orchard (Epilogue) DBALP005x, 06/12/2019 In late 2018 Neville Watson released The Midnight Orchard, the follow-up LP to 2013’s Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts LP. Moving away from his trademark acid house sound towards more wistful, sombre hues, the LP gained critical acclaim for embracing a subtly unique take on the [...] Read More »

DBA043: Kerrie

Kerrie - Before Calm EP DBA043, 01/11/2019 Kerrie makes her debut for DBA with four tracks devised originally for her high impact live sets. Other than a cut on highly regarded London label I Love Acid’s 10th anniversary comp Kerrie is a relative newcomer but the ten years she has put in honing her style [...] Read More »

DBALP006: rRoxymore

rRoxymore - Face to Phase DBALP006, 27/09/2019 rRoxymore’s long-anticipated debut album, Face To Phase, was born of her annual creative hibernation practice. Whereas her previous appearances for Don’t Be Afraid - Thoughts Of An Introvert, Parts 1 & 2 - revealed inner worlds of saturated colour and natural expressiveness, she retreated into her studio at [...] Read More »