In Conversation: Sean Kelly

In Conversation: Sean Kelly If you have visited Bristol you have almost certainly heard Sean Kelly playing records, perhaps without even realising it. Alongside his brother Dan he runs the Happy Skull label and the parties of the same name, and now his rnb related Ghost Phone imprint is nearing its third release. Ghost Phone [...] Read More »

DBA Recommends: Ikonika

DBA Recommends: Ikonika We are big fans of Ikonika here at DBA so it should come as no surprise that when she pulls the trigger on a new release it calls for celebration round these parts. Her edit on the new Version-affiliated singlewhitefemale release is doubly enticing because it finds her leaning in the direction [...] Read More »

On Record: Max Kelan

On Record: Max Kelan My name is Max Kelan, I am a multidisciplinary artist who predominantly works in music video and video art as well as performing in two bands, Bad Tracking and Salac. In both bands I write and perform original lyrical content as well as using found sound, drum machines, pedals and noise [...] Read More »

In Conversation: Beatrice Dillon

In Conversation: Beatrice Dillon Beatrice Dillon is one of the last remaining auteurs in dance music today, and one of the hardest working artists in her field. Via a background in fine art and stints spent behind the counter and some of London's finest record shops, she has emerged as a unique voice at the [...] Read More »

DBA Recommends: Anthony Naples

DBA Recommends: Anthony Naples For this special, seasonal edition of DBA Recommends, it feels timely to explain something about how we decide what to cover under this heading. There are a few people who contribute ideas for which releases to write about but one rule applies across the board: we only recommend releases which one [...] Read More »

In Conversation: Altered Natives

In Conversation: Altered Natives Altered Natives is a peerless figure on the UK music scene. For the past twenty years his work has existed at the junction of bass, techno, house and garage, steadily evolving at its own pace and constantly yielding fresh releases. His ninth record has just hit the shelves, a two part [...] Read More »

DBA Recommends: James Massiah

DBA Recommends: James Massiah James Massiah is the poet, DJ and producer behind 2017's Euthanasia Party / 27 collection of poems. His DJ sets are freeform and dancefloor-friendly, taking in everything from UK rap to Chicago house, while his poetry reflects on the experience of being young in London during one of the most torrid [...] Read More »

On Record: L/F/D/M

On Record: L/F/D/M When asked to write about some music that means a lot to me, my mind immediately went back to the hardcore scene in the UK, tracks like New Direction by Wax Doctor, Flashback by Lemon D, Gangster by Peshay, the list goes on. I guess though, as a 12-13 year old, I [...] Read More »

In Conversation: Tasha

In Conversation: Tasha Tasha is a DJ who has proven herself to be immune to the bullshit surrounding modern dance music. Her success has been hard-won: the Neighbourhood parties, which she started at much-missed East London venue Plastic People, were pivotal in bringing together key figures from the techno and bass scenes, an intersection which [...] Read More »

DBA Recommends: J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest

DBA Recommends: J. McFarlane's Reality Guest J. McFarlane is known in pop indie circles as a former member of Melbourne band Twerps. Her Reality Guest project picks up where she left off with another previous project though, Hot Topic, a trio comprising Ric Milovanovic and Violetta DelConte Race along with McFarlane. The trio reunite here [...] Read More »