Artist Name: Wheelman book artist » Wheelman is a name you might not be familiar with if you aren’t based in or around Glasgow, the city at the centre of Scotland’s burgeoning techno scene. From clubs like La Cheetah and the Sub Club to the Rubadub shop and distribution warehouse, Glasgow sports one of the [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Minos book artist » Dublin's Minos has steadily been making moves in Dublin's fertile underground scene for the past few years as both a DJ and producer. Known for his genre bouncing live shows and DJ sets, his own productions are a unique take on techno, IDM and electronica. He has previously released [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Farah book artist » Darling Farah's home, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most club baron countries in the world and living in a city that actually prohibits live music to be played in public, the talented eighteen year old has managed to master the art of producti.. Darling Farah's home, [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Dyad book artist » Dyad is a collaborative music project and label by Ben Gibson and Fundamental Interaction, launched in 2014. Their first trilogy of EPs showcased a muscular and melodic sound, with tracks like From Another Place, Enclosed and Zou receiving strong support from a host of highly regarded DJs. Read More »


Artist Name: Herva book artist » Herva is the artist name of Herve Atsè Corti. Born in 1991, he has been surrounded by music from the beginning thanks to his family. In his home town as kid he made a reputation of himself since high school as a talented drummer. Intrigued by electronic music he [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Alis book artist » Alis is the new project from London’s favourite Italo-Bulgarian daughter, Sabina Plamenova (formerly Subeena). As Subeena, she was consistently ahead of the dubstep curve, crafting darkly musical techno tracks which ended up on labels like Planet Mu and her own imprint Opit, as well as being selected by Surgeon [...] Read More »

Mr. Beatnick

Artist Name: Mr. Beatnick book artist » Mr. Beatnick is one of the UK’s bona fide musical diamonds in the rough, and is one of few hip-hop producers to newly enter the house and techno fold in the past few years to have really turned heads. During the 00’s he was based in Lausanne, digging [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Brassfoot book artist » As a musician Brassfoot’s inspiration draws from many different influences, including dub reggae, lover’s rock, hardcore hip hop, NY House and Techno. Being raised in an environment where music was a major component of daily life, a young Brassfoot was exposed to music production throughout his childhood. When he [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Halvtrak book artist » Halvtrak is the name adopted by one of Finland’s new generation of house and techno artists. His debut release appeared in 2013 on Don’t Be Afraid, showcasing a deep understanding of new wave and industrial music alongside a well-heeled love of house and techno. He soon followed up his [...] Read More »

The Room Below

The Room Below
Artist Name: The Room Below book artist » Born in Bristol, raised in Dorset and residing in London, Henry Keen aka The Room Below has been DJing and collecting vinyl for over 20 years. As Soundspecies alongside his brother he was championed by Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show and London institution CDR. The alias ‘The Room [...] Read More »