DBALP006X: rRoxymore

rRoxymore - Forward Flamingo DBALP006X, 02/10/2020 Originally appearing on album ‘Face To Phase’, released by DBA in 2019,  rRoxymore’s ‘Forward Flamingo’ is radically reworked by a number of talents from the Berlin based artist’s extended musical universe, alongside a kaleidoscopic video from Future Forward. On the original cut of ‘Forward Flamingo’, presented once again as [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 009 – M GUN

DBA Podcast 009 - M GUN 13/10/2020 Manuel Gonzales aka M Gun first came on our radar in 2012 after a release on Kyle Hall’s label Wild Oats. By chance his soundcloud already sported a number of lps worth of material which was just sitting there. It made choosing the tracks for his first EP, [...] Read More »