DBA Recommends: Anthony Naples

DBA Recommends: Anthony Naples For this special, seasonal edition of DBA Recommends, it feels timely to explain something about how we decide what to cover under this heading. There are a few people who contribute ideas for which releases to write about but one rule applies across the board: we only recommend releases which one [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 006 – Rroxymore

DBA Podcast 006 - Rroxymore 23/12/2019 rRoxymore debuted on DBA in 2016 with Organ Smith EP. The record immediately captured the imagination of DJs who were stuck between a rock and a hard place looking for fresh house music at a fairly stale time for the genre, whilst other talented, cutting edge producers focussed their [...] Read More »

DBA044: Minos

Minos - Sorry I'm Late EP DBA044, 31/01/2020 Dublin’s Minos makes his debut on DBA with a rich spread of rollers covering the techno and electro diaspora backed by a Claude Young remix. His influences are techno, IDM and metal, from Downwards to Jeff Mills and Drexciya via Slayer. Originally from a live music background, [...] Read More »

DBALP005X: Neville Watson

Neville Watson - The Midnight Orchard (Epilogue) DBALP005x, 06/12/2019 In late 2018 Neville Watson released The Midnight Orchard, the follow-up LP to 2013’s Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts LP. Moving away from his trademark acid house sound towards more wistful, sombre hues, the LP gained critical acclaim for embracing a subtly unique take on the [...] Read More »