DBALP006: rRoxymore

rRoxymore - Face to Phase DBALP006, 27/09/2019 rRoxymore’s long-anticipated debut album, Face To Phase, was born of her annual creative hibernation practice. Whereas her previous appearances for Don’t Be Afraid - Thoughts Of An Introvert, Parts 1 & 2 - revealed inner worlds of saturated colour and natural expressiveness, she retreated into her studio at [...] Read More »

DBA Recommends: James Massiah

DBA Recommends: James Massiah James Massiah is the poet, DJ and producer behind 2017's Euthanasia Party / 27 collection of poems. His DJ sets are freeform and dancefloor-friendly, taking in everything from UK rap to Chicago house, while his poetry reflects on the experience of being young in London during one of the most torrid [...] Read More »