On Record: L/F/D/M

On Record: L/F/D/M When asked to write about some music that means a lot to me, my mind immediately went back to the hardcore scene in the UK, tracks like New Direction by Wax Doctor, Flashback by Lemon D, Gangster by Peshay, the list goes on. I guess though, as a 12-13 year old, I [...] Read More »

In Conversation: Tasha

In Conversation: Tasha Tasha is a DJ who has proven herself to be immune to the bullshit surrounding modern dance music. Her success has been hard-won: the Neighbourhood parties, which she started at much-missed East London venue Plastic People, were pivotal in bringing together key figures from the techno and bass scenes, an intersection which [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Wheelman book artist » Wheelman is a name you might not be familiar with if you aren’t based in or around Glasgow, the city at the centre of Scotland’s burgeoning techno scene. From clubs like La Cheetah and the Sub Club to the Rubadub shop and distribution warehouse, Glasgow sports one of the [...] Read More »

DBA Presents: Helm (Live), Stallone The Reducer, Jabu

DBA Presents: Helm (Live), Stallone The Reducer, Jabu, Flo Dill For our final DBA show of the summer we are broadening our horizons to offer a day and night event reflecting the changing nature of our scene and the ever-widening musical tastes of our city. Buoyed by the opportunity to use a new space in [...] Read More »