DBA Podcast 004 – Wheelman & Chester

DBA Podcast 004 - Wheelman & Chester 24/07/2019 For the fourth instalment of our recently anointed podcast series we are delighted to welcome Scotland's Wheelman and Chester to the fray. Wheelman debuted for DBA on the currently dormant DBA Dubs series which reached its tenth iteration last year with Wheelman's Signal single. Since then he [...] Read More »

DBA Recommends: J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest

DBA Recommends: J. McFarlane's Reality Guest J. McFarlane is known in pop indie circles as a former member of Melbourne band Twerps. Her Reality Guest project picks up where she left off with another previous project though, Hot Topic, a trio comprising Ric Milovanovic and Violetta DelConte Race along with McFarlane. The trio reunite here [...] Read More »