On Record: Bleaching Agent

On Record: Bleaching Agent 10 years ago, Ian Loveday passed away at the age of 54. A vibrant, passionate artist, Loveday spent more than 20 years shaping modern underground dance music, producing many EPs that can be rightfully called classics of their era. Semtek asked me to pen something about my favourite Ian Loveday record [...] Read More »

DBA042: Karen Gwyer

Karen Gwyer - Man On Mountain EP DBA042, 12/07/2019 Karen Gwyer returns to Don’t Be Afraid with her first new work since 2017's Rembo LP, which gained critical acclaim for its powerful body music and melancholic melody led pieces. Man On Mountain EP is a further evolvement of the duality and nuances in moods and [...] Read More »


Artist Name: Minos book artist » Dublin's Minos has steadily been making moves in Dublin's fertile underground scene for the past few years as both a DJ and producer. Known for his genre bouncing live shows and DJ sets, his own productions are a unique take on techno, IDM and electronica. He has previously released [...] Read More »

DBA Podcast 003 – Mr. Beatnick

DBA Podcast 003 - Mr. Beatnick 10/06/2019 Mr. Beatnick first appeared on DBA in 2011 with the Synthetes EP, a collection of three tracks and a remix from Scottish auteur Architeq which were arguably peerless at the time and remain so to this day. He followed Synthetes with 2012's Sun Goddess and 2013's Savannah, the [...] Read More »