DBA038: rRoxymore

rRoxymore - Thoughts of an Introvert Pt.2 DBA038, 04/05/2018 rRoxymore returns with the latest instalment in her Thoughts of an Introvert series. The first part, which hit stores in 2017, was born out of introspection and a yearning for solitude. Tracks like ‘Prodrome,’ which refers to symptoms indicating the early onset of an illness, seemed [...] Read More »

DBA Recommends: Space Afrika

DBA Recommends: Space Afrika Much has been musically captured and agonised over in regards to Manchester’s rave scene. And while the city is now in a very different spot, both sonically and socially, when compared to its domineering era of cultural influence in the late eighties through until the mid-nineties, it nonetheless still basks in [...] Read More »