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Lotos Eaters
Lotos Eaters
September 2010

Track List:

Lotos Eaters
Key (Isa GT Remix)
Lotos Eaters (Neville Watson Remix)
Lotos Eaters (Justin Harris Remix)

Cat No:

For his third release on Don’t Be Afraid Semtek brings a rolling acid house vibe with remixes from Neville Watson and Justin Harris and Isa GT. The original builds from trademark UK bleeps and analogue drums into a wigged out discoid groove. Neville Watson takes you far up into the aether with a hypnotic hymn to the night, Justin Harris produces a dark and driving techno dub, and Isa GT refashions an early Semtek track Key into a bara house banger equally at home in Croydon as in her native Columbia.

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