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Mr Beatnick - The Synthetes Trilogy
The Synthetes Trilogy
Mr Beatnick
October 2013

Track List:

Beneath The Reef
Waning Moon
Casio Romance
Shifting Sands
Yacht On The Nile
Sun Goddess
Nuit Blanche
Parallax Scroll
Never Dies

Cat No:

Don’t Be Afraid are proud to present Mr. Beatnick’s Synthetes Trilogy, collected for the first time digitally and on CD alongside four new bonus tracks. Since 2011’s Synthetes EP, Mr. Beatnick has been widely acknowledged as one of the most inventive producers to emerge from London in recent years. This CD collects eight of the high points from his first three DBA releases, alongside four new jams which, considered as a whole, shed light on the past, present and future of the Mr. Beatnick project. The artwork for the CD comes courtesy of illustrator Emily Evans, who lends some clues as to the themes and ideas behind the tracks via her depictions.

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