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Mr. Beatnick Sun Goddess EP
Mr. Beatnick Sun Goddess EP
Mr. Beatnick
March 2012

Track List:

Sun Goddess
Beneath The Reef
Shifting Sands
Savoir Faire

Cat No:

The Sun Goddess EP has been a close guarded secret around Don’t Be Afraid operations central for a little while now. Mr. Beatnick’s second outing for the label proudly carries the torch of last year’s breakthrough EP Synthetes, one of FACT Magazine’s top 50 records of 2011. The lead track Sun Goddess picks up where Synthetes left off, a relentless machine-driven house groove. It is followed by the more experimental futuristic boogie-tech of Beneath The Reef and Shifting Sands. Savoir Faire is the final logical step in the cycle of tracks, bringing the EP to a close in a flourish of balearic bliss. This 12” is yet more evidence that Mr. Beatnick stands in a class of his own.

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