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Herva - Dreamers of Unknown Tales
Dreamers of Unknown Tales
April 2015

Track List:

Dreamers of Unknown Tales
From The Inside
Nice And Crisp
Pissed Monitoring

Cat No:

Herva, of Delsin, Kontra, MOS and All City fame, offers another set of forward-thinking dancefloor bombs. Across four tracks this young Italian demonstrates his unique interpretation of the past and the future again and again.

Herva is the artist name of Herve Atsè Corti. He was born in 1991, and has been surrounded by music from the beginning thanks to his family. He made a reputation for himself early on at high school as a talented drummer, but, intrigued by electronic music he decided to start making his own beats with a laptop. A few years later Bosconi Records released his early productions, both as Herva both and as Life’s Track (a side project with Dukwa). He is also part of Tru West, a collective he founded with Mass Prod, Rufus and Raffaele Amenta.

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