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Photonz are a pair of skilled producers from Lisbon in Portugal. Like all the artists on Don’t Be Afraid, they have been honing their skills in the studio for a good number of years, perfecting their sound and developing a unique style. The well-documented Portuguese house and techno scene is particularly unique and Photonz encapsulate it perfectly. The combination of Atlantic melodies and distinctive, gritty, British beats is a tribute to the curious mixture of DJs who toured Portugal during the 90’s. As producers, they first came to the attention of DJs thanks to two strong releases on Andy Blake’s seminal Dissident imprint in 2008. Soon after that Astro Lab picked them to remix Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir’s strangely titled techno bomb At The Bonnie Brook. Since then they have started their own unimpeachable imprint, One Eyed Jack’s, which has proved a solid base for their unique Lisbon acid sound. Their Love Spectre EP on Don’t Be Afraid is arguably the label’s most uncompromising to date, uninterrupted by remixes and including four strong dancefloor tracks which are aimed squarely at the more leftfield and experimental techno DJs.


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Love Spectre EP
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