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Over the last 12 years, Kel McKeown, or Kelpe, has carved himself a unique perch in the UK’s electronic underground. Across several full-lengths, EPs and remix projects, his misfit electronica has managed to cohere a staggeringly deep spectrum of influence along the way. A natural son and heir to Generation Warp and the fathers of Krautrock, his pioneering experiments in the early ’00s also positioned him as one of many stylistic precursors to the arrival of LA’s now-sprawling beat scene. Much like scene-savants Prefuse 73 and Dimlite, Kelpe has remained an enormously respected stalwart of the fringes, always dabbling variously in sample-heavy beat-craft, oddball ambient, and – more recently – dancefloor-ready club grub. Having started out releasing with DC Recordings in 2003, Kelpe has since released with Don’t Be Afraid, Black Acre, Svetlana Industries, and his own DRUT Recordings.


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Kelpe - Monte Verità
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