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Claws For?
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Claws For?

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Claws For? is a Hackney based producer who has for some time now evaded the limelight despite a growing and devoted list of followers. As Clause Four he was responsible for the genre destroying Blue On Blue EP which appeared in 2007 on DC Recordings. Have you ever dreamt about being able to travel back in time with a release and play to people 5 years before it had ever been heard? When Blue On Blue was released it confounded listeners, but looking back today it’s clear that the beatdown hip hop hybrid he was working on was the same sound the beat scene ‘found’ years later. By then, still operating as Clause Four, he had moved on to other, more distilled projects, first hooking up with Jahtari on their seminal digital dancehall Jahmiga 7” and subsequently starting his own Modern Soul Recordings imprint to explore the sound of 80’s boogie through his own twisted imagination. One of the only engineers around who genuinely is that, a man who is at home inside the circuitry of a vintage mixing desk as he is at the keys of his prized Moog Model D, you can expect him to continue to innovate and invent sonically while the rest of the world catches up.


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